From beginnings in the Pacific Northwest, to traveling and seeing the wonders of different natural environments, I have always been attached to this beautiful world. I appreciate every last detail in nature for its essence, function, complexity and beauty, capturing it all in my mind as I am exposed to it. Landscape painting is a way for me to experience those details and interact with nature from my perspective, as I see it in my mind. I choose to paint landscapes that don’t exist, rather they are a culmination of the beauties and techniques I find in nature, yielding the most beautiful possible scene I can imagine. Oil paint is the perfect medium for me to achieve this affect as I can move the paint around freely. I find that the way the colors mix together on my pallet, the sky colors in the water, the mountains in tree bark, the soil in the rocks, it all seems to be very reflective of how nature works and functions. I enjoy the process of filling in the space, taking care to experience the function and beauty of every leaf, tree and rock.



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